Introducing the AnchorLeash!

Hey guys,

We're so excited to introduce our first product, the AnchorLeash. After many rounds of testing prototypes to obtain the perfect leash I feel that we've reached the optimal balance of stretch and nylon to make walking your dog easier than ever. The stretchy section fits around any stationary object, comfortably fits around your waist and gently trains your dog to walk more obediently ever, or adjusts to become a perfect standard handle leash. The other section easily adjust to your perfect leash length. I truly feel that this has changed my dogs in such a positive way, they are much better on the leash than they were with any other kind. I actually say the AnchorLeash walks your dogs itself... and when you add in the convenience of the easy to attach feature it's really a win win. I guarantee this will be the only leash you ever need.

-Jackie Moore

Founder and CEO of AnchorDog