Introducing a
new breed
of leash

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Introducing a new breed of leash

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What makes our leash different?

Not only are retractable leashes dangerous, they also make socializing with your pet very difficult! You have to unhook the dog from their collar to attach their leash, and with your average leash you can end up with a HUGE knot. The AnchorLeash™ easily attaches to any stationary object while at the park, dining out, or while running errands with your pet. And the expandable handle opens to clip around almost anything. Keep your pet safe and close with the one-step clip feature.

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Exercising with your pet has never been easier.

Regular exercise is just as important for your pet as it is for you. With AnchorLeash™ neither you nor your pet's routines need to suffer. Bring your dog along with you easily for runs, hikes, and more without comprising your safety or stamina.

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Adventure Together

AnchorLeash™ makes it easy to maintain hands-free control of your pet while traveling or running errands. Simply clip the leash around your waist and you'll have two hands free to ride your bike, carry luggage, text, or keep your kids close by.

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Everything is easier with AnchorDog™

Our mission at AnchorDog™ is to make dependable dog products focused on improving the lives of you and your pet.

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